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Second-hand jeweller’s bench

After almost 4 years studying jewellery, I thought it was about time I got a proper jeweller’s bench, especially since I will no longer have access to the one at school, once I complete my education.

Unfortunately, a jeweller’s bench is a big investment and I’ve been delaying its purchase in favour of more necessary tools, while working on a modified dresser.

I was making some calculations about how much I needed to save till my birthday, when my husband suggested I should look for used benches on sale. I had looked before but the only ones I’d found were really far and would require a long trip to pick them up. Instead of the response I expected, he said “so? Let’s go get it. I travel so much these days that six hours in the car is nothing.”

With a a chance like this it was hard to resist. I found a used bench for a decent price and contacted the seller.

On sunday we left the kids with my parents and went all the way to Gondomar. Three hours later we found the place, waited until the seller got home from a birthday party and went in to take a look at the bench.

I learned that the seller had bought the house with a functioning jewellery studio in an annex at the back of the property. They had gone out of business and the workers had taken all the tools but left a couple of benches that were falling apart and the one he was selling, that was dirty and a little rusty but still usable.

The seller helped my husband to transport the bench into the car (it has a sturdy iron structure so it’s a lot heavier than it looked) and we drove another three hours back home.

When I got home I cleaned everything and found a few things that had been left in the drawer, among them a little notebook with drawings of the medals and things they used to make there, a box with some metal pot samples, some jeweller’s saws in good condition and a set of files that I was able to salvage.

It took me a day to clean everything up properly and I still need to remove all the rust, paint it, change the knobs and give it an overall makeover. I can’t wait to start using it but I know that if I don’t take the time to repair it first I risk further deterioration and that would be a shame after all the time it took to get it.

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