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Jewellery exhibition 2017 – inauguration

A new jewellery exhibit with pieces made by students of jeweller Paulo Ventura opened on Saturday, May 6th 2017. The theme of this exhibit was “Civilizations and Cultures from around the world”

We had a fun afternoon where, aside from admiring the jewels on display, some of which I had only seen halfway through and others that I didn’t know at all, I had the opportunity to catch up with colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while and meet some of their families as well.

Here are some pictures of the items on display:

As you can see, the quality displayed goes beyond what would be expected from a student exhibit. But that’s not so strange when you know that some of these students have been learning their craft for over ten years. The atmosphere at the studio os so warm and relaxed that some people don’t want to leave, even after they’ve completed all the course exercises.
I think this says a lot about our teacher who is always in a good mood and can guide and motivate us even on those days when things don’t go so well.

Here are some pieces in greater detail, including my greek brooch:

I really loved the samurai sword my colleague Fernando made for his Japanese cuff. One of these days I plan to make a couple of swords. They’d make great earrings.
The ring made by my colleague Sara was one of the pieces I liked best. She makes very detailed work and strives for perfection in her work, so her pieces always exceed expectations.

Toward the end of the afternoon, there was a modern dance performance by the ballerina and dance teacher Alexandrina Nogueira and two of her pupils.

The exhibit will be open to the public until May 23rd at the Fórum Romeu Correia in Almada. Drop by if you’re in town.

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