My interest in jewellery making began many years ago with stringing beads and wire wrapping. After some time I felt the need to expand my technical knowledge so enrolled in a jewellery course and studied goldsmith techniques for four years. I learned a great deal about working with metal and setting stones.

To remember what I was learning, I got in the habit of taking plenty of notes as I made my pieces and those turned into the articles on this site, in the shape of tutorials.

My explanations on how to build the pieces are meant as a practical application of the techniques used but the design is mine and I appreciate if you didn’t copy it. I hope these articles can be an inspiration and that the information I share can be helpful to fellow jewellery enthusiasts.

Metalsmith and stone setting techniques:
Cuttlefish bone casting
How to make a simple wedding band
Earrings – making post earrings and ear nut
Manueline brooch – walls, pin and setting a cabochon
Triangular pendant – making a tube
Collar with prong setting
Amethyst domed ring – ring shank
Process: adding a faceted gemstone to a ring
Flower cuff bracelet
Hollow ring
Paua brooch with pierced walls
Leverback earrings with 8 prong setting
Key pendant – crown setting
How to make textured brass cuffs
Hollow “diaper” ice ring

Tips, techniques and other information:
How to sand flat metal surfaces
Basic notions about metal
How to make an ingot and prepare a crucible
How to use a draw plate
How to anneal wire
Information on flux
How to twist wires
How to drill sheet metal
Protecting previously soldered area
How to oxidise copper or silver (LOS patina)
Recycling precious metal
How to purify silver with nitric acid
How to avoid accidents while washing jewellery components
How to clean jewellery
Setting up a mini rolling mill
DIY storage for jeweller’s saws
How not to lose small items in the pickle pot
Identifying polishing tools
Tool maintenance
How to make fine tip pliers
How to care for pearls
Converting AWG to millimetres
Mohs scale
Safety in the jewellery studio

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Home studio and organisation:
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